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Living Life to the Fullest

Welcome to Evolution Support Services

The ESS Vision, Mission and Values are the cornerstone of everything that we do.


"To create a world where every person with high complex needs has a greater choice and lives their life to the fullest"

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"We support people with high complex needs to build life skills and achieve their goals"

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  1. Empathy
    Empathy helps us build stronger relationships, understand different perspectives, and be better communicators. It allows us to better understand how another person is feeling and relate to them on a deeper level. It encourages us to be kind and patient, support and encourage one another.

  2. Growth
    Growth of people and goals goes hand in hand. To reach any goal, growth is essential. Growth comes from taking on challenges, learning from mistakes, and having the courage to keep pushing forward. 

  3. Self motivation
    In order to become self-motivated, a person must first cultivate a positive attitude. Having an optimistic outlook and taking initiative to find solutions. Additionally, holding oneself accountable for one's actions by taking ownership of one's tasks and responsabilities. Learn valuable lessons from mistakes made along the way. Understanding your actions can further motivate other people to become self motivated and strive for success. 

  4. Communication
    Communication skills are essential for managing situations and promoting a sense of calm and confidence. It is also helpful to be able to read non-verbal cues and body language - this can help you accurately determine other people's feelings, allowing you to better adjust your own behavior and communication strategies. Creates an environment that promotes resolution.

    Communication documentation is essential in many settings, as it allows one to present and organise data, facts and findings while showcasing a depth of knowledge and expertise in a concise manner.


  5. Family orientated
    Family oriented values are the beliefs and attitudes regarding the importance of support, respect for one another, trust and commitment, as well as celebrating milestones and achievements. These values help to shape the family environment and culture.

  6. Follow process
    Following processes is a critical component to efficient operations, safety and compliance, as well as quality assurance.

  7. Innovation
    In order to successfully adapt to changing, organisations need to cultivate an environment that allows for creativity, leveraging personal skills and experiences. Encouraging employees to innovate and think outside the box can help to identify new solutions to common problems and create new opportunities. 
    Innovation in technology is key to staying ahead in a rapidly-evolving world. Just as processes need to be regularly evaluated and updated, the same is true for technology. It is important to provide the necessary technology systems for managing essential information, for the teams providing essential services.


ESS are accredited with the NDIS to provide support to a variety of participants. ESS provide support across the lifespan from children and young people to adults. ESS specialise in supporting people who have behavioural concerns and complex requirements. Our services are centred around (but are not limited to) participants with the following behaviours:

  • Intellectual Disabilities

  • Acquired Brain Injury

  • Developmental Delay

  • Complex Trauma

  • Complex Behaviours

  • Autism

ESS provide support staff (both government and non government funded) to individuals that require a high level of specialised care. We put in place the support structures needed to ensure a better quality of life for those with complex needs.

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